PARU daypack

a simple solution to be prepared for any type of weather while travelling


The theme for my final year revolves around sustainability; more specifically on how to improve Indonesia’s waste management through tourism with the help of design. This daypack is made out of natural dye and recycled polyester. PARU daypack was inspired from travelling especially in South-East Asia where the weather is unpredictable. The idea struck me as it always takes time and quite tricky to fold a raincoat back into its container. This daypack has got an inbuilt rain-poncho so the user is able to wear the raincoat without the need of taking off their bag - it’s also time saving. The rain-poncho itself has got a traditional print on it and it is detachable, making it a collectible item for the users as well as to encourage them to travel around South-East Asia - reducing waste one PARU at a time.

Towards the final prototype...

. It took loads of experimenting, idea generating and prototyping. Finding the right colours as well as the lightest most durable material possible. There are still several issues with the PARU daypack, as it is a work in progress. Below are some pictures and sketches about the PARU daypack, and further developments will be posted.

PARU daypack was a rather difficult project. Through some research, this is still new to the market and not many people have created something similar. The idea of this daypack is to eliminate the struggle of having to swing your backpack to the front, taking your raincoat, unfold it and use it. By the time you put it on, you're already soaked, and not to mention having to reach your backpack again, get the raincoat packaging, and folding it to that small container - it is absolutely time consuming. This daypack allows the user to put on the hood and rain poncho within seconds in just 4 simple steps. Saves time, especially when you're travelling with a big group.