DETAK wristband

when culture meets technology; a gadget that tracks your health when travelling


Detak is a smartwatch made for tourists who are travelling around South-East Asia. Detak only has simple features; detecting heart rate and telling the local time, everything is controlled by an app on the user’s phone. Once the watch detects an abnormal heart rate, it will send a notification to the user’s phone and the app will tell the best thing for the user could do - it also provides emergency contacts, nearest hospitals, etc.


The leather straps has got traditional prints on it and the straps are interchangeable. Detak encourages users to travel around South-East Asia as different countries have got different traditional prints on the straps, making it a collectible item for the users. Detak shows an elegant combination of culture and technology. Either a visa is required or not, Detak will be encouraged by the Home Office to be purchased for their own safety as well to improve South-East Asia’s tourism.

DETAK is a rechargeable, wearable, and interchangeable wristband with simple features as most of it is controlled by he app on the users phone. Along side with the PARU daypack, DETAK will be encouraged to be purchased within the airline ticket or the packaged holiday. Further developments are needed for DETAK, such as using different materials for the straps - more likely waterproof and sustainable, as well as having different colour range to it.