WARNA bench

public seating structure for Jakarta, Indonesia


Warna: Colour in Indonesian

• Why Warna?: Because plastics are colourful and when recycled, they’re chosen at random.


The purpose of this project is to reduce the plastic waste in Jakarta. The landfill in Jakarta called Bantar Gebang is literally constructed from mountains and mountains of trash. The waste management system is poor and the government doesn't really fund enough to do so. Jakarta is working on it, we’re slowly improving with cleaning the streets, parks and rivers so it’s not filled up with trash.


Kota Tua is a heritage square left from the Dutch era, a combination of Dutch, Portuguese, and Indonesian architecture. It’s a beautiful site yet there are no public seating (leaving people sitting on the ground). As a third world country, we’re not that advanced with technology and also with this whole waste treatment, we’re still learning and slowly improving to make Jakarta a cleaner place to live. Kota Tua is just one place, but it would be a good first location to make a statement and prove that we’re improving and moving forward. Indonesia is one of the most populated countries in the world, thus making Jakarta, the capital city very populous, filled with people from around the country seeking for jobs. Yet what I realised is, there are not many public seating in public places. Warna bench is a potential seating structure that could be put in any public place in Jakarta, Kota Tua is just one small step and statement. This is only one of the possible designs and also a working prototype, improvements might be needed if necessary once it’s assessed.

render of the WARNA bench in Kota Tua


Kota Tua